Harrisburg Scottish Dance Society 

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The Harrisburg Scottish Country Dance Society

"WalcomeWill ye dance wi me?"


In 1982, The Harrisburg Scottish Country Dance Society (HSCDS) was founded to promote the art of Scottish Country Dancing in Central PA. We offer the chance to learn the traditional steps, patterns and dances, both old and new, which are danced today in groups world-wide and on every continent (including Antarctica).


The purpose of the group is to introduce people to the pleasure of participating in Scottish Country Dancing. We welcome people of any age or experience level to join us and experience the flow of the dances, the lilt of the music and the social nature of the occasion which make dancing a rewarding activity in every sense.


Sometimes called "the ballroom dancing of Scotland," Scottish Country Dance is a social dance form in which square dancing and contra dancing have their origins. It combines are energetic jigs and reels with slower and more elegant strathspeys. For more on Scottish Country Dance, check out What is Scottish Country Dance?


Tine MacKay, our principal instructor, began teaching in 1997 and in 2004 became a fully certificated teacher of Scottish Country Dancing. She has taught classes and workshops thoughout North America. Tine also composes new dances and was honored to have her dance, "A Capital Jig", appear in the Royal Scottish Country Dance publication 5 Dances 2009.


Scottish Country Dancing is a fun way to stay in shape for both body and brain. We welcome all to join us for our classes. No experience, partner or special shoes/clothing is required.


Our dancers can be seen at local events in the area such as Celtic festivals, Arts shows, Community Days, and PA's Renaissance Faire. We also offer to travel to your business for dance demonstrations. Be sure to check out our photos while you're here!

Each January we offer our annual tea dance called Twelfth Night, where dancers from around the mid-Atlantic come together to enjoy exciting dancing, live music, good food and great fellowship.


Haste ye back.


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Our very own Tine Mackay wrote "Capital Jig", which is #84 on the list of the RSCDS The 500 Most Frequent Dances in all the Programmes Recorded!! And it's #94 on the list of Most Frequent Dances in Scotland.

CONGRATULATIONS TINE!!!! We're proud to have you as our instructor!


To check out the list visit: https://www.rscds.org/article/frequent-dance-lists

Won't you join us?