Harrisburg Scottish Dance Society 

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Dance Demonstrations

Our dancers are happy to travel to your business, festival, party, wedding or other event to offer live dance demonstrations. 

Dressed in traditional costumes and laced shoes called ghillies, our dancers demonstrate a variety of energetic jigs and reels combined with slower and more elegant strathspeys set to fiddle, accordion, flute, piano, drums and bagpipes. 

Dance demonstrations showcase traditional clothing, steps, patterns and dances, both old and new, which have been danced by groups around the world for hundreds of years. Keeping with tradition, our female dancers wear a white skirt and blouse, laced vest and tartan sash. Meanwhile, male dancers wear a tartan kilt, dress shirt, hose, flashes and sporran.

Our program also includes a participation dance or even a "wheelchair dance" during which our performers partner with guests or residents to share the joy of dancing. 

The program, set to recorded music, also offers narration and commentary. Topics include historical references, dance significance, style details, attire and tartan information, as well as other fun or interesting facts. Often, we are able to bring the composer of dances published in the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Manual with us to discuss her works, the local significance and background of the dances. 

Programs costs vary depending on the length and type of program you desire.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration: